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Quality Center

We have a strong design, manufacturing and inspection team, we believe that the quality of the most important is from the design, manufacture and inspection of the three aspects of coordination and cooperation, can make quality management from a simple post-test development into a production the whole process of product quality control. We have advanced production equipment can be recorded in the management of the data, the timely analysis of the quality of the production process in order to quickly take measures to eliminate the problems caused by quality problems, to make the production in stable status.


We have accurate and comprehensive testing equipment, such as geometric image measurement equipment, laser powder size analyzer, ICP tester, coating tester, angle deviation tester,.To use the QIS system monitor the quality of each process and monitors, prevents, and corrects the potential failure mode across the entire production line. In each inspection process, the product must be inspected to prevent the product from entering the next product's defective product. In order to avoid the shipment of substandard products, we shipped in accordance with the requirements of customers before the size, magnetic and packaging 100% inspection or sampling test.

Testing Equipment